Calendar Sclerosis

Calendar Sclerosis is a horrible condition that is very prevalent in the contemporary workplace. This disease is an equal opportunity offender. It affects all people regardless of their sex, age, gender identity, sexual orientation or even coffee preferences. Find out if you are affected and what to do if you are.


Calendar sclerosis is a hardening of schedule. It is caused by amassing low-value-adding meetings. Typically the first symptom is the growing difficulty of scheduling additional conference calls.

Other common symptoms include fatigue, loss of productivity and self-agency, and feeling of shock upon reviewing one’s calendar.

Sclerotic calendar
Sclerotic calendar

In the most advanced forms of calendar sclerosis, a manager’s main role is to show up on a neverending series of pointless meetings, smile politely, shake hands, and occasionally say something. The defining feature of the advanced stage is losing control over own’s time. It’s now planned by others. If you want to do some actual work, you’re always free to do overtime or work weekends.

At work, however, you are an actor in someone else’s play.


After years of research, scientists discovered, that producing what is called a meeting minutes, could be a game changer. According to those daring individuals, meetings should have a purpose, and therefore, results. Minutes provide us with a tangible record of what has been discussed and agreed upon.

This very little improvement can go a long way. People who have missed a meeting could still consume their results. This form of information storage is also much more reliable than human memory. Action item’s extinction rate is dramatically improved. The memory of controversial matters discussed during the meeting doesn’t tend to evolve further.

More importantly, however, minutes can help us assess the value brought by each meeting series. As for the upcoming meets, there are predictive indicators. Well defined purpose, agenda, time slots allotted to speakers, or non-random participants list, have proven to be a good predictor of time well spent. All this, in turn, allows us to prioritize and eventually cast the manager’s most important spell: “no.”

When this form of magic is used appropriately,  the calendar gets less and less sclerotic.

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